Hello! Thank you for stopping by.

I am Sakshi and I am a freelance Content Writer. I have studied Advertising and Marketing and worked in the industry for four years before getting married to an Army officer. Moving to different locations (most of them remote) I couldn’t continue my corporate job thereafter. I have a dynamic 3 year old daughter named Seher and most of my time, if not on the keyboard, is spent around her.

My first stint with writing happened in my first year of marriage when I joined my husband in a godforsaken town of Nagaland. With no internet and not even mobile network most of the time (I wasn’t even carrying any books to read), I picked up a pen and started pouring out on a diary which became my daily journal eventually.

I love narrating my life tales and my friends enjoy listening to them. They encouraged me to share it with the world too. And that’s how Sakshi’s Recital happened. It’s about my travel and army life experiences, adventures and challenges of life, things I get to explore and everything that’s predominantly going on in my mind.

Besides writing I’m passionate about dance. I was trained in Bharatnatyam in childhood and have been performing, training and choreographing since then in various dance forms. I’m currently pursuing Diploma in Kathak.